IDWRK 0809 book

USC School of Architecture, 2009

Collaborator: Davey Whitcraft

6-color offset (CMYK + custom fluorescent red + metallic gold), 160 pages, smyth binding

6" x 9"

* * Awarded * *
Print Regional 2010
Graphis Design Annual 2011

IDWRK 0809 is the inaugural publication showcasing student work from the USC School of Architecture's undergraduate and graduate programs. The smyth binding allows the book to open completely flat.

front matter

The front matter contains a key (left page) to the image captioning system. The book's table of contents appears on the right.

book key (detail)

undergraduate page (detail)

undergraduate spread

Architecture books are often filled with borderless images of plans or models that feel like floating objects without a container. Here, course titles appear behind images
at a large scale and create a gilded frame to ground them.

graduate section

To indicate the shift from undergraduate work to graduate-level courses, the book's color palette inverts. The large-scale course titles change from metallic gold to
a custom fluorescent.

back cover