Sm<3 Phone: A Catalog of Provocations

Master of Graphic Design Thesis Project, 2013

digital print, 32 pages, saddle-stitch

4.5" x 7"

* * Awarded * *
2013 How Interactive Design
Book Award for Academic Excellence

* * Exhibited * *
Memefest 2014 "Radical Intimacies"

* * Presented * *
DesignInquiry Vinalhaven
NC State University
IBM Design

The companion publication to "Extending and Enhancing Meaningful Conversation." Experience the digital publication here

Poster Cover

4.5" x 7" --> 9" x 14"

The cover of the Catalog doubles as a poster featuring plates of Sm<3 Phone Mandates presented inside. The mandates focus on the activities of constant talk, the gradient of “here” and methods for cherishing conversation.

title page

The proposals contained in the Catalog are rhetorical. They rely on social psychologists’ findings that feeling close escalates intimacy and results in more meaningful conversation. The proposals question the means by which we connect and converse today, and provide mandates to design more affective networked experiences.

The speculative proposals are presented as pages from a pamphlet with Sm<3 Phone Mandates any designer may choose to follow. Opportunities exist to design alternative experiences for young women, interfaces and functions that create conditions where meaningful conversation is more likely to occur.


Provocation #1

Each provocation contains a design mandate and user call-to-action.

Proposal: Pulse

The provocations are followed by proposals, comprised of a sketch, persuasive description and functional requirements (technical, cognitive and emotional). The proposal is one of many potential applications of the preceding mandate, other designers are encouraged to create more.

Provocation #2

Provocation #3

Provocation #4

Provocation #5

Provocation #6

Provocation #7

Poster / Cover

4.5" x 7" --> 9" x 14"