monyoument application Prototype

Southwest Raleigh Community Study, 2012

Interactive tablet application

Monyoument asks citizens to design a monument to a person, activity, or idea important
to Raleigh today, then map it and share it on an iPad. This investigation captures qualitative data about which people, activities, ideas,
and symbols are meaningful to Downtown residents.

In this scenario, a participant explores a map of Raleigh displaying citizen-created “Monyouments.”

She selects a monument to view in “streetview” mode. She listens to the recorded description and swipes to navigate to others.

The participant decides to build a monument. First, she chooses a structure by swiping through a variety of described shapes. After she makes her choice, the app prompts her to record an explanation about why she chose a pyramid.

The participant touches the top-most area of the pyramid and selects the “Symbols” category to view images to fill that spot.

The participant swipes through the researcher-provided
images of “Symbols” for Raleigh. She previews several images on the structure before she selects the Acorn.
She, then, selects categories and images for each area on the monument.

When the participant finalizes her image choices, she records a description of her monument, maps it, and shares it.

System Map

Interaction pattern diagram

A participant moves through the application first vertically where the question screen acts as the join between two independently rotating carousels. The question screen can be accessed from any point along the carousel path by a simple vertical swipe up or down.

Early Wireframes