ice cream social poster

Otis College of Art and Design, 2011

4-color, digital print

18" x 24"

Typography made with ice cream shapes hover in space. 
The letterforms contain a photograph of one of southern California’s sherbet colored sunsets.

poster (detail)

This detail of the custom letters showcases the reductivist forms: cones, 
full scoops, half scoops and popsicles.

2010 Internship Fair Poster (detail)

Otis College of Art of Art and Design

Collaborator: Yasmin Khan

3-color screenprint (teal, magenta + yellow)

18" x 24"

This close-up view features Erin's customized typeface. The odd ligatures emphasize the unexpected connections 
and opportunities that arise during an interview.

Otis Bowling Team T-Shirts

Collaborator: Ana Llorente

gold spray paint on thrifted t-shirts

The Communication Arts Department wanted t-shirts 
for their bowling team, The Strikes. Produced for very little money, the shirts were thrift store finds customized with fabric-friendly spray paint and a stencil symbol 
we designed to represent 
the team.

T-shirt (back)

Each t-shirt featured the competitor's nickname across their back.

t-shirt (detail)

Rather than cover each t-shirt's identifying graphics, we decided to use The Strikes symbol to mask out the graphics and protect them from the spray paint. The results emphasized the uniqueness of a particular t-shirt while also uniting it with the group.

Ramona's Welcome


mixed media collage

4" x 6"

One square for a paper quilt welcoming baby Ramona into
the world.

Ramona's Welcome (detail)

Detail of type made from three ring binder reinforcers.

going away party e-flyer (detail)

The e-flyer includes a custom typeface built using geometric shapes to create jazz-age era forms.

going away party e-flyer, 2010

For a colleague who loves all things black and white, an email flyer for her going away party.

Sunprint, 2010

Mixed media

9" x 12"

After a lengthy obsession with the idea of making sunprints—but not the blue and white kit type—Erin created a makeshift "mailbox" for the studio space and taped it to the outside of the door. After two months of exposure to Los Angeles' ever-present sunshine, the black tape type of the address began to peel up at the edges. Underneath was this sunprinted typography.

detassel kinetic typography, 2012

Collaborator: Victoria Byrum + Marysol Ortega + Will Walkington

Straws, Straw wrappers, Tape

One of many 'typographic tools' we developed in a two-hour workshop with Denise Gonzales-Crisp and Will Hill to explore the expressive potential of the word "detassel." Detassel (a word our group chose) is a verb to describe when workers move through a corn field to remove the plant's tassels. In the process pollen and silk become airborne. Video by Denise Gonzales-Crisp