Into the Quiet Album

Kristy Hanson, 2010

4-color offset

5" x 5" --> 5" x 10"

The design for “Into the Quiet” reflects its searching, but hopeful lyrics and pop-folk (with a little grit) sound. The cover is a photo of hand-cut type held to a blue Los Angeles sky.

Into the Quiet Album (process)

Into the Quiet Album (process detail)

The unedited photograph that became the cover for “Into the Quiet.”


Kristy Hanson, 2010

This flexible website for singer-songwriter Kristy Hanson matches the look of
her current album, "Into
the Quiet". The site was programmed by Mike Chiaburu using WordPress to manage
the content.

Already Gone Album

Kristy Hanson, 2008

4-color offset, gate fold

5" x 5" --> 5" x 15"