Art Inside/Outside Space Poster + Mailer

Intermedia Arts, 2004

1-color offset, french fold

5.5” x 8.5” --> 11” x 17”

The photomontage for the cover of the Art Inside/Outside Space piece is a nod to surrealism, illustrating an exhibition space that is simultaneously inside and outside. The artists’ work was situated within Intermedia Arts’ gallery space or outdoors in the Lyn/Lake neighborhood.

montage (detail)

The image also includes graffiti and the newly erected condominium construction fences in order to hint at the changing nature of the area. The photographs used for the montage were taken by J. Namdev Hardisty and Nicole Dotin.

Poster + Mailer (interior)

Inside, Kerri Jamison’s photographs document each artists’ work. The folds 
in the page reinforce the separation of “Inside” from “Outside” work even though they exist on the same plane.

poster + mailer (interior detail)

Art Inside/Outside Space Gallery Guide

Intermedia Arts, 2004

Photocopy, 20 pages, saddle stitch

5.5" x 8.5"

Gallery Guide (Interior Spread)

Call for Artists Postcard (front)

Intermedia Arts, 2003

2-color offset

5.5" x 8.5"

Ann Marsden’s dynamic photo 
of Naked Stages performance artist Aravind Enrique Adyanthaya was the launching point for the design. The boundary breaking nature of this commissioning program is expressed by aggressively and asymmetrically cropping her photograph, employing a more assertive color palette than in previous years, and creating edge tension between the type and gradating blocks of color.

Arab Film Festival Invitation

Intermedia Arts, 2003

2-color offset (aqua + dark brown), french fold

5" x 7" --> 10" x 14"

As the United States was preparing to invade Iraq, the question of “What is ‘Arabness’?” was hard to answer. Instead, the design ideas came from the title and how the films represented a small piece of a complex and diverse cultural identity. Therefore the images, and some text, exist in and near white voids, but those elements can never completely fill or align with those voids properly. The images used throughout are stills from the films.

Festival Invitation

The interior of the invitation is a poster containing the festival schedule and list of films. Dual purpose invitations were an Intermedia Arts trademark due to its limited printing and mailing budgets.

Arab Film Festival Guide

Intermedia Arts, 2003

1-color offset (dark brown), 16 pages, saddle-stitch

7" x 7"

Intermedia Arts distributed this guide to festival attendees. The guide contains a curator's statement, film stills and descriptions, filmmakers' biographies and other pertinent festival information.

Interior spread

An early cut of Process Type Foundry's typeface, FIG Script, is used throughout. The typeface has since been re-released with a different lowercase "r".