Design Inquiry Tapestry, 2013

video assemblage

* * Exhibited * *
Design Inquiry 2013

A screen recording of an impromptu video tapestry assembled for a pop-up exhibition at Design Inquiry in June 2013. The tapestry is comprised of photos and looping videos taken during my week-long residency in Vinalhaven off the coast of Maine. My use of the term "tapestry" is in part inspired by the work of fellow Design Inquirer Amy Campos

Pressed Flowers (installation)

A fellow Design Inquirer had brought a wand scanner, more portable than the regular kind. During my residency week I kept trying to understand this tool and what it could or couldn’t do. For instance, it cannot scan a field of flowers, but it can scan flowers pressed up against a barn window.

Digital Pressed Flowers

I made these “digital pressed flowers” by using the wand scanner “wrong”. I really love the results. I don’t know what I am going to do with them yet, meaning I haven’t found the right use, or how to expand on the series...

Digital Pressed Flowers

Digital pressed flowers (first attempt)