Collective Show LA Poster

Collective Show Los Angeles + Public Fiction, 2011

Collaborator: Juliette Bellocq + Lauren Mackler

4-color offset on newsprint

22" x 34"

* * Exhibited * *
Collective Show L.A.

We found inspiration in the Collective Show's collabo-
rative spirit and asked ourselves, “What does it look like to work together and find the balance necessary to make something good?” An afternoon of experimentation with found objects, various plants and fishing line gave us our answer: a mobile.

Poster (detail)

Poster (detail)

Posters (in situ)

After experimenting with a variety of additive techniques—spray paint, stencils, tape, collage, etc—we installed a poster triptych in the gallery for the length of the exhibition.

poster installation (detail)

poster installation (detail)

Poster (process)

Images of the mobile, taken from various angles.