11 Mar 2011

two lectures + update

Image for "The Free Church of Public Fiction" by Public Fiction

Image for "The Free Church of Public Fiction" by Public Fiction

It has been a busy week for attending art and design events. On Tuesday night I went to the opening of LUX an installation by Maureen Keaveny at Public Fiction. Keaveny’s piece, part of the ongoing "The Free Church of Public Fiction" exhibition, is worth seeing for its monumental and transformative use of cardboard.

On Wednesday night, I headed to LACMA for Wolfgang Tillmans’s feature-length talk. His presentation was content-rich, if his delivery style was a bit halted. At one point, he contextualized his practice this way:

We like to see people do one thing, but I like to challenge that…the multifaceted that we don’t fit into blurbs, that’s been my project, that’s what I look for in my photographs and my installation strategies.

There are two more lectures this weekend I am excited about. Tonight at 7:00 pm, Art Center is hosting “Get Real” a panel discussion with Geoff Manaugh (BLDGBLOG; Wired UK columnist), Ian Sands (Founder and Managing Partner, Intentional Futures) and Jason Tester (Research Director, Human-Future Interaction, Institute for the Future). The panel will look at the factors of futuring: promises v. predictions, the made up made real, gleam v. glum, props for props, and future fatigue. It is moderated by Tim Durfee.

On Sunday at 8:00 pm, Public Fiction is offering a lecture about rainbows by Trinie Dalton. My life-long love of rainbows is no secret to anyone who knows me. I am looking forward to this slide-talk about rainbows what they are, how they're formed, and their roles in the history of art, spiritualism, mythology, and color theory.

And lastly, an update. For Your Art published a great story by Swati Pandey this week about Big City Forum’s, “Making a Case for the Book”. If tonight's and Sunday's events prove as thoughtful and well-attended as their predecessors, then I am in for a great weekend!