10 Dec 2010

public fiction releases hauber's "record"

On Friday, December 17 the Museum of Public Fiction in Highland Park is having a record release party for a new set of artist-records by Jenn Su, Erin Hauber, Jeanne Jo, Tanya Rubback, Riah Buchanan and Darcy Bartoletti. The records will be on display within Public Records, the current exhibition at Public Fiction curated by museum founder Lauren Mackler.

Mackler describes Public Fiction as a "small and shapeshifting museum, in the model of cabinets curiosity. The shows combine made & found things to create slightly unsual environments to frame art, artifact and facsimile in one fictional place."

Public Fiction is open Sundays 12-6pm "and other unpredictable hours" at 749 Avenue 50, in Los Angeles.