09 Nov 2008

more chinatown

Here are more scans of analog photos, this time, Chinatown in Los Angeles as seen through the tremendously unpredictable Nickelodeon Photoblaster. Even after years of using this camera, I still don't always get the best 4-up results, so I've separated each of the images from the rest of their set. I just discovered the Photoblaster Flickr pool (Where have I been?) with examples of prints made from the 4-up negatives.

My favorite thing about taking photos with any of my toy/plastic lens/cult cameras (I have a lomo, photoblaster, diana and holga) is the surprising, uncontrollable results. It makes picking up the developed film excruciating and delightful all at once. Excruciating, if I want the images to turn out a specific way or was trying to document some important moment or person. Then the light leaks passing through the center of the image or the under- or overexposure of the negative are more annoyance than welcome surprise. Most often I liken reviewing the developed results, though, to opening a series of well-intentioned presents. Some are perfect and others...well, they're images I never thought I wanted, but now can't imagine wishing for anything else.