01 Oct 2008

looking skyward

Monument to the Rain God? (as seen at Sunset Junction in Silverlake)

Monument to the Rain God? (as seen at Sunset Junction in Silverlake)

Supposedly it rained in Los Angeles this weekend, but except for the two guys in the CVS parking lot, who I saw pointing eastward and up into the sky, I have no evidence of this assertion.

One guy said to the other, "Look, it's raining!"
"Really?" said the other guy, seeming puzzled because there was actually no rain falling from the sky.
"Well, it is raining somewhere," the first guy countered. "See those streaks coming down from the clouds? That's rain."

As a fairly-new-to-southern-California resident who is continually baffled and disturbed by my uninterrupted water service despite the lack of rain, I fought the impulse to chime in with a skeptical, "How do you know those streaks are actually reaching the ground as rain?"

I think I've developed these feelings of frustration because rain is beginning to feel like some sort of mythical happening. Something you can be cursed from experiencing or that you have to build some sort of monument to or create a ceremonial dance for. I believe the last time I actually saw or felt raindrops (here in Los Angeles) was sometime back in April or May—and even then my memory may be being generous. So no wonder I saw this guy gaping skyward at those distant streaks and paying no attention to his own personal safety or what car may have to swerve to avoid him next. But how does the mere sighting of atmospheric water, off in the distance, warrant the statement, "It's raining"? These must be desperate times.