08 Aug 2008

light show

Well, I'm off to a bit of slow start here, and I was worried for a minute that maybe I was already running out of things to write about. Then, when I least expected it, I happened upon the most amazing "light show" (pictured above).

I had headed downtown to for lunch at the Farmers Market. The Aon building is undergoing a facelift of sorts and has been enshrouded by the worst scaffolding I've ever seen. But much to my delight, on this particular day, at this particular time, the sun and that ugly scaffolding were creating these graphic patterns across the sidewalk and stairs.

It was lunch time and people were pouring steadily out from the building. I thought twice about trying to capture the spectacle, thinking I could come back later when it wasn't so busy and people wouldn't give me such dirty looks for standing in the entrance with my camera. Instead, I took some time to document what I saw. I'm glad I did, because when I came back through an hour later, the show was over.