08 May 2013

extending and enhancing meaningful conversation: presentation

On Monday, April 29 my classmates and I presented our thesis work at North Carolina State University. The thesis at NC State takes two forms: a 15-minute public presentation followed by a question and answer session, and a written document that includes a justification, literature review, description of methods and process and findings. I've broken the video of my presentation in two parts, following the form of the presentation itself.

download print-quality PDF  |  download provocations only

The first is a provocation—to myself as well as my fellow designers—to design different experiences (more affective and intimate) for young women to interact with their closest ties. The provocations include design mandates for sm(heart)er interfaces and experiences as well as examples of possible "solutions." The proposals are speculative and rhetorical.

The second portion contextualizes the provocations with references to the literature, my research and design process. It details some of my findings from a survey I conducted about cherishing digital objects in Facebook.

The presentation covers only three of seven provocations delivered in the thesis document and touches upon the design, writing and research activities I engaged in over the past year. The full scope of the project can be experienced through the thesis document.