18 Aug 2011

cover series makes print regional

Print Magazine selected Erin Hauber's design for Otis College of Art and Design’s Continuing Education catalog cover series as a winner in its 2011 Print Regional Design Annual. The work will be published in the magazine this winter.

The design of the series is a response to 2010’s theme: “Re-design your future at Otis.” Each cover is treated as a multi-layered and dynamic universe, a faux space where a tension between flat and dimensional, believable and unbelievable, can exist. The back covers contain bits and pieces from their respective fronts to further the illusion.

In addition to incorporating the series overarching visual themes, each cover contains its own narrative. For the spring cover, tools used by artists appear to act on their own to revise and redesign some previous and unknown version of the piece. The summer cover uses fragments of the designer's own southern California summer snapshots to create a new version of the season. And turning the page and marking one's place become the ideas behind the falls exploration of more trompe l’oeil effects.

This is the second year Hauber’s work has appeared in Print’s Regional Design Annual. The first instance was in 2010 for IDWRK 0809 a book designed for the USC School of Architecture.