16 May 2011

catalina casino

Several months ago, I made my first trip out to Catalina Island. I am not much of a travel or destination researcher, so I knew little of what to expect. I tend to prefer getting to know a place through direct—rather than virtual—exploration and observation.

Today, I rediscovered some photographs I took of the Catalina Casino while on that visit, evidence of my exploration and observation of the Art Deco building’s exterior. The Casino features painted murals of sea life by John Gabriel Beckman. A little research tells me Beckman originally intended the murals to be executed in Catalina tile, but instead they were painted directly onto the building’s concrete to make the grand opening deadline.

The Catalina Casino

The Catalina Casino

When I visited, it was nearing sunset and the lighting within the structure’s nooks and crannies was inconsistent, so I cannot vouch for the color accuracy of these images. I have decided not to color correct them, though, forgoing accuracy because I already like what I see.