26 Apr 2014

making work with heart: experimenting and improvising

This winter I was invited by a colleague at IBM Design to participate in a Pecha Kucha series internal to our studio. The idea was to share where I find inspiration and how I approach my work—before and outside of IBM—with 20 slides that each show for 20 seconds. I regarded the invitation as an opportunity to speak to a few core design principles and practices I've applied in my recent experience that I also have been pulling forward into the pragmatic and complex practice of user-focused enterprise software design. Here are the slides and videos I shared, with their accompanying text (I cheated btw by repeating a few images so as to be able to speak longer about them).

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15 Feb 2014

making our mobile experiences sm(heart)er

Extending and Enhancing Meaningful Conversation book cover

Extending and Enhancing Meaningful Conversation book cover

During this holiday week it has been exciting to see my newsfeed—once again—fill up with articles about the emotional significance (or not) of our interactions with each other via social apps and smartphones. Articles such as "How Gadgets Ruin Relationships and Corrupt Emotions" by Dr. Sue Johnson and "Why Being Unfollowed Can Feel Like Having Your Heart Ripped Out" by Joe Berkowitz indicate we experience designers and software developers still have a lot of work to do to prevent easy and efficient connecting from crowding out the emotional aspects of how we engage with the people we care about most.

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08 May 2013

extending and enhancing meaningful conversation: presentation

On Monday, April 29 my classmates and I presented our thesis work at North Carolina State University. The thesis at NC State takes two forms: a 15-minute public presentation followed by a question and answer session, and a written document that includes a justification, literature review, description of methods and process and findings. I've broken the video of my presentation in two parts, following the form of the presentation itself.

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08 May 2013

extending and enhancing meaningful conversation: paper

Cover from full thesis document presented on 29 April 2013

Cover from full thesis document presented on 29 April 2013

This thesis inquires into today’s social networking experiences from a critical perspective with a hypothesis that closeness may be represented more substantially in these spaces as people engage in meaningful conversation. The proposals in this thesis are not apps for conversation. Instead, they are value fictions that introduce different ways for young women to engage with each other, as well as with the content of conversations they already share, to foster feelings of closeness. The proposals rely on social psychologists’ findings that feeling close escalates intimacy and results in more meaningful conversation (Aron, Aron, and Smollan 1992).

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02 Apr 2013


I turned in the first draft of my thesis document yesterday, a milestone in this pursuit of a Master degree that has got me reflecting. This video I made a month ago, to test the concept for a behavior I (but really these brilliant people) call dispossessing is resonating more as a metaphor for what it means to be nearing the end of school.

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23 Mar 2013

Honorable Mention in SIDeR Conference 24-hour Design Challenge

Hauber diagrams the design space. Photo by Marysol Ortega Pallanez

Hauber diagrams the design space. Photo by Marysol Ortega Pallanez

Erin Hauber, along with fellow NC State MGD students Claire Kohler and Marysol Ortega Pallanez, received honorable mention for their contribution to the 2013 Student Interaction Design Research Conference (SIDeR) 24-hour Design Challenge.  

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09 Jan 2013

hauber's work selected for department chair's traveling exhibition

In conjunction with the start of the spring semester, an exhibition of work from across the Graphic and Industrial Design Department's curriculum opened on Monday at the College of Design. Erin Hauber's remote conversation system designed for the distance learning course Insects and Human Disease was among the work selected for display...

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08 Nov 2012

New Perspectives: NC State’s The Student Publication

The post I wrote for Process Type Foundry about North Carolina State University's The Student Publication is up!

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06 Oct 2012

updates are on-going

There has not been much activity here on the site in recent months, however that is beginning to change...

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18 Aug 2011

cover series makes print regional

Print Magazine selected Erin Hauber's design for Otis College of Art and Design’s Continuing Education catalog cover series as a winner in its 2011 Print Regional Design Annual. The work will be published in the magazine this winter....

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15 Jul 2011

more stew than chicken soup

As mentioned here before, I am the recipient of Otis College of Art and Design’s 2011 Full-time Teaching Excellence Award. One of three teaching awards Otis presents each year.

Today, the Assistant Provost asked me two questions; my answers will be shared with all the teachers at Otis’ Convocation in August....

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24 Jun 2011

(not so) secret 2

As I was documenting the parking lot vegetable garden I wrote about on Wednesday, I looked up and noticed a decorative garden kept by another Chinatown resident.

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22 Jun 2011

(not so) secret garden

I have been having a hard time editing down the images for this post, so I’ve decided to make it a two-parter based on subject. This first post documents another Chinatown vegetable garden, and the second, will document a decorative one....

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15 Jun 2011

butterfly in the sky

Every year, since I was old enough to watch PBS' Reading Rainbow, I have had some sort of summer reading list....

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31 May 2011

to err is divine

I know that’s not how the saying goes but, for me, there is something alluring about mistakes....

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25 May 2011

process bits

When in the middle of a project, I sometimes find it difficult to distance myself from what I am making....

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16 May 2011

catalina casino

Several months ago, I made my first trip out to Catalina Island. I am not much of a travel or destination researcher, so I knew little of what to expect. I tend to prefer getting to know a place through direct—rather than virtual—exploration and observation....

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04 May 2011

art in the streets

Here are some detail images I shot while at MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibition this weekend....

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27 Apr 2011


Each year, as the semester winds down and I watch our seniors in graphic design prepare for graduation, I feel the compulsion to cram as much advice and reassurance about "The Real World" into their already preoccupied minds. Ultimately, my intentions are good, but perhaps sending them Jamie Wieck’s blog post The 50 Things Every Graphic Design Student Should Know would prompt a better conversation and end my frenetic monologue....

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05 Apr 2011

hauber recognized with 2011 teaching excellence award

Otis College of Art and Design announced yesterday that Erin Hauber is the recipient of its 2011 Full-Time Excellence in Teaching Award....

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23 Mar 2011

sherbet skies

It's been raining off and on in Los Angeles the past several days, so I've turned to my image archive for some inspiration....

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18 Mar 2011

helping japan

Sadly it appears the crisis in Japan is not ending any time soon. Seeing the devastation on television and online can leave one feeling powerless and unsure of what they can do to help.

Happily, I know three great artists and designers offering to donate 100% of the proceeds from sales of their work to Japan...

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15 Mar 2011

"making" a poster

I love when my students pass along links featuring schoolwork on their blogs or personal sites. I am always interested to see how they frame the assignments and document how they arrived at their final outcome....

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11 Mar 2011

two lectures + update

It has been a busy week for attending art and design events....

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09 Mar 2011

wolfgang tillmans at LACMA tonight

I am heading to LACMA tonight for a lecture by German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans. The free lecture is a collaboration...

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06 Mar 2011

making a case for the book

On Wednesday night, I attended Big City Forum’s “Making a Case for the Book in the Digital Age” at ARTBOOK in Hollywood....

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16 Feb 2011

more webfonts from process type foundry

My friends, Nicole and Eric, at Process Type Foundry announced today that five more of their typefaces are available as webfonts....

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11 Feb 2011


Recently, I inherited a collection of cocktail rings from a great aunt. I decided to document them using my scanner...

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04 Feb 2011

new book ordered!

I just pre-ordered myself a signed copy of Function, Restraint and Subversion in Typography by J. Namdev Hardisty....

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21 Jan 2011

collaborative poster exhibited in csla

A poster, collaboratively designed by Erin Hauber, Katie Bachler, Juliette Bellocq and Lauren Mackler is on exhibit now as part of Collective Show LA (CSLA)....

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13 Jan 2011

looking closely

There is a humble garden outside of our studio space in Chinatown. I remember when it was just a patch of gravel and dirt next to a busy stretch of Hill Street, right off the freeway....

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10 Jan 2011

new collaboration

After years of working as the primary or sole designer at different cultural institutions, I am happy to be able to collaborate with many of the talented designers and artists I have met since moving to Los Angeles....

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29 Dec 2010


Winter Break means I have time to collect and reflect...

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10 Dec 2010

public fiction releases hauber's "record"

On Friday, December 17 the Museum of Public Fiction in Highland Park is having a record release party for a new set of artist-records by Jenn Su, Erin Hauber, Jeanne Jo, Tanya Rubback, Riah Buchanan and Darcy Bartoletti.

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03 Dec 2010

documenting documenting

I've been hard at work behind the scenes on the website redesign...

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10 Nov 2010

sun print

I've been dabbling with an idea for a long time now, ever since moving to southern California. I want to make sun prints, but not the kind one makes with those blue and white kits.

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17 Oct 2010

yes we're open!

Looks can be deceiving. Things have been a little quiet around the studio, with the start of the school year and recent relocation up the street to the new digs...

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24 Aug 2010

idwrk 08 09 makes print regional

Print Magazine selected IDWRK 08 09 as a winner in its 2010 Print Regional Design Annual.

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01 Aug 2010

idwrk 08 09 book selected for graphis design annual

IDWRK 08 09, designed by Erin Hauber and Davey Whitcraft, has been selected as a winner for Graphis Design Annual 2011.

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09 Nov 2008

more chinatown

Here are more scans of analog photos, this time, Chinatown in Los Angeles as seen through the tremendously unpredictable Nickelodeon Photoblaster.

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31 Oct 2008

lawn ornaments

Lawn ornament displays have always fascinated me, a fascination not dissimilar to my interest in odd window displays.

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26 Oct 2008

diana photos

I just scanned a bunch of negatives from an urban hike I took through Los Angeles' Chinatown. These photos are from my Diana toy camera. The plastic lens creates unexpected light leaks and a soft focus.

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19 Oct 2008

diamonds, everyone's best friend

A few weeks ago, I attended a gala concert at the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena. Built in 1974, the hall has an incredibly decadent interior with crystal chandeliers and fixtures, rich wood paneling and brightly patterned wool carpets.

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01 Oct 2008

looking skyward

Supposedly it rained in Los Angeles this weekend, but except for the two guys in the CVS parking lot, who I saw pointing eastward and up into the sky, I have no evidence of this assertion.

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05 Sep 2008

koreatown corporate modernism

Besides the Art Deco Wiltern Theater, I found strong diagonals and modernist volumes during my Koreatown walk last weekend.

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03 Sep 2008

art deco in koreatown

Here are some photos of the Art Deco-era theater The Wiltern located in Koreatown.

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31 Aug 2008

on noticing

So I just read this great conversation / article from AIGA. The article is from July, but the concept of "noticing" that Steve Portigal and Dan Soltzberg discuss feels timeless and relevant both to the purpose of this blog and to my teaching.

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16 Aug 2008

p *ahhhhh* p

Today, another excursion. This time, to Galco's Soda Pop Stop in Highland Park. I have been wanting to go there for a while, ever since I read about it somewhere, but I was afraid it might be kind of a scene,

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10 Aug 2008

wreckers, records, redeemers

Found this great flyer in a narrow side street in Los Angeles' Chinatown. I wish I knew who designed it.

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08 Aug 2008

light show

Well, I'm off to a bit of slow start here, and I was worried for a minute that maybe I was already running out of things to write about. Then, when I least expected it, I happened upon the most amazing "light show" (pictured above).

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14 Jul 2008


Like many people, I cannot help but photograph windows, but even more....I can't help but photograph unusual window displays. The weirder the better.

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11 Jul 2008

sister corita

On Wednesday, I attended a private, small-group tour of the Corita Art Center here in Los Angeles. I left the talk and tour incredibly inspired.

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10 Jul 2008

lucky dress

So today feels like a good day to finally start this blog. It's beautiful, I got to eat lunch outdoors and I'm wearing one of my favorite vintage dresses.

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