Every day students challenge me to be a more empathic designer, supportive mentor and effective communicator.

I work to clearly articulate the goals of a project while leaving room for students to frame a problem for themselves and design for it. I seek to:

inspire students to understand a problem or opportunity by practicing close observation, working with and building empathy for the people at the center of their work, and being curious about the design context and world-at-large.

show students there is thinking in making. Creating and rapidly testing low- and mid-fidelity prototypes early in the design process generates new insights students can act on. Carefully crafting high-fidelity prototypes demonstrates their value.

teach students how to frame a problem and develop their design process to include discovery, exploration, prototyping, refinement, and evaluation.

create a classroom environment where students engage with each other, collaborate, and feel compelled to challenge their existing ways of thinking and designing.

empower students to find their design voice in how they craft an outcome as well as articulate the research, insights, and approach that informs it.


>> teaching + mentoring <<
The Digital Library: Interaction from a Service Perspective / Design and Publishing Systems / Experimental Typography / Typography 1 + 2 / Communication Studio 1 + 2 / Practicum / Fashion: Photographics / Ways of Working, Ways of Thinking / Intermedia Arts internship

>> developing curriculum <<
Design Pedagogy taught by Professor Meredith Davis, North Carolina State University / Co-Curriculum Coordinator, Otis College of Art and Design / Co-Leader and Planner, Graphic Design Faculty Retreat, Otis College of Art and Design / Member, Typography Curriculum Team, Otis College of Art and Design

>> managing programs <<
Program Coordinator, Learning Lab for Technology, Otis College of Art and Design / Co-Curator and Organizer, Works in Progress lecture series, Otis College of Art and Design / Administrator, What Matters 2 symposium, Otis College of Art and Design