blog/26 Apr 2014

making work with heart: experimenting and improvising

This winter I was invited by a colleague at IBM Design to participate in a Pecha Kucha series internal to our studio. The idea was to share where I find inspiration and how I approach my work—before and outside of IBM—with 20 slides that each show for 20 seconds. I regarded the invitation as an opportunity to speak to a few core design principles and practices I've applied in my recent experience that I also have been pulling forward into the pragmatic and complex practice of user-focused enterprise software design. Here are the slides and videos I shared, with their accompanying text (I cheated btw by repeating a few images so as to be able to speak longer about them).

blog/15 Feb 2014

making our mobile experiences sm(heart)er

During this holiday week it has been exciting to see my newsfeed—once again—fill up with articles about the emotional significance (or not) of our interactions with each other via social apps and smartphones. Articles such as "How Gadgets Ruin Relationships and Corrupt Emotions" by Dr. Sue Johnson and "Why Being Unfollowed Can Feel Like Having Your Heart Ripped Out" by Joe Berkowitz indicate we experience designers and software developers still have a lot of work to do to prevent easy and efficient connecting from crowding out the emotional aspects of how we engage with the people we care about most.

blog/08 May 2013

extending and enhancing meaningful conversation: presentation

On Monday, April 29 my classmates and I presented our thesis work at North Carolina State University. The thesis at NC State takes two forms: a 15-minute public presentation followed by a question and answer session, and a written document that includes a justification, literature review, description of methods and process and findings. I've broken the video of my presentation in two parts, following the form of the presentation itself.

blog/08 May 2013

extending and enhancing meaningful conversation: paper

This thesis inquires into today’s social networking experiences from a critical perspective with a hypothesis that closeness may be represented more substantially in these spaces as people engage in meaningful conversation. The proposals in this thesis are not apps for conversation. Instead, they are value fictions that introduce different ways for young women to engage with each other, as well as with the content of conversations they already share, to foster feelings of closeness. The proposals rely on social psychologists’ findings that feeling close escalates intimacy and results in more meaningful conversation (Aron, Aron, and Smollan 1992).

news/23 Mar 2013

Honorable Mention in SIDeR Conference 24-hour Design Challenge

Erin Hauber, along with fellow NC State MGD students Claire Kohler and Marysol Ortega Pallanez, received honorable mention for their contribution to the 2013 Student Interaction Design Research Conference (SIDeR) 24-hour Design Challenge.  

news/09 Jan 2013

hauber's work selected for department chair's traveling exhibition

In conjunction with the start of the spring semester, an exhibition of work from across the Graphic and Industrial Design Department's curriculum opened on Monday at the College of Design. Erin Hauber's remote conversation system designed for the distance learning course Insects and Human Disease was among the work selected for display...

news/08 Nov 2012

New Perspectives: NC State’s The Student Publication

The post I wrote for Process Type Foundry about North Carolina State University's The Student Publication is up!

news/06 Oct 2012

updates are on-going

There has not been much activity here on the site in recent months, however that is beginning to change...

work/watson analytics

IBM Design, 2015


Watson Analytics is a new mobile experience for people to make business decisions with data and tell compelling stories about those decisions.

work/insects & human disease

Web-application prototype, 2012

A remote conversation system designed for the distance learning course "Insects and Human Disease."

work/sm-heart phone provocations

Master of Graphic Design Thesis Project, 2013

The companion publication to "Extending and Enhancing Meaningful Conversation."

* * Awarded * *
2013 How Interactive Design
Book Award for Academic Excellence

* * Exhibited * *
Memefest 2014 "Radical Intimacies"

* * Presented * *
DesignInquiry Vinalhaven
NC State University
IBM Design

work/meaningful conversation thesis

Master of Graphic Design Thesis Project, 2013

What are the possibilities to extend and enhance meaningful conversation in interfaces and experiences designed for networked young women?

teaching/pedagogy manifesto

digital print
18" x 24"

To culminate Meredith Davis' semester-long seminar on design pedagogy she asked us to develop a poster advocating for change within design education...

teaching/design + publishing systems

North Carolina State University
Collaborator: Deb Littlejohn

This course emphasized systems and was therefore less focused on designing finished, exhaustive typographic artifacts, although making prototypes for magazines and websites was among the objectives. The lectures, assignments and critiques privileged the principles of and techniques for building systems that support changing content—in both print (static) and screen-based (fluid) media—in a changing world.

teaching/thesis proposal


Delivered at NC State, 2012

What are the possibilities to extend and enhance face-to-face interaction through a mobile experience designed for networked young women?